Friday, December 30, 2011

The Chicken Coop of My Dreams!

Okay, if you have been waiting on the edges of your seats with anticipation, I promise to take some pictures of my chicken coop soon and give you lots of ideas just in case you should ever want to build one of your own.  That is, if you haven't already gotten yourself knee deep in chickens!  Of course, after seeing this coop on's blog, I just want to tear mine down and start all over again. WOW!  How cool would it be for not only your chickens, but yourself to have some smashing digs like this!  This coop reminds me of a chicken castle from a fairytale dream, but it actually exists.  Really, it does!  And you can read all about it on fancyfarmgirl's very fun blog!  After seeing more pictures of it you may just want to buy a house on more land and get some chickens!  Or even if you didn't want to get chickens, you might still want one of these coops just to sit for a spell on a hot summer's day drinking a mint julep as you take in the view of your beautiful vast land.  Of course, you wouldn't have to do much work, because you would have farm hands to do that.  You could just sit and read and enjoy!  Oh my gosh! To me this coop is just that awesome!  I showed it to my husband and he just gave me a crazy laugh and I think I saw sweat starting to pop up on his brow and lines of worry form around his eyes.  Poor guy.  I'm sure he will be having nightmares tonight about me wanting him to actually build this!  hee! hee!  I do always have some kind of project for him lately.  So, here it is - ta da! - the chicken coop of my dreams:

Happy New Year!  I pray all of you have a Wonderful and Healthy 2012!  And May All of Your Dreams Come True!

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